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Ranking information allows you to make the best SEO decisions – find out how your search terms are performing.

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The best WordPress rank tracking plugin. Hub5050 will update your search term rank positions daily, compare your rankings to your competition and generate insightful reports.

Knowing how you are performing in search results is key to managing your SEO campaigns. Compare your performance versus your competition and track competitive changes and discover strategic opportunities.

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Base your decisions on trustworthy data

Gain insightful knowledge from Hub5050’s website ranking data. Hub5050’s WordPress website ranking data gives you the highest-quality competitive snapshot of your search term rankings over a range of time.

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With incredible accuracy, speed, and ease of use, our WordPress website rank tracker is the best WordPress plugin to help you track your ranking performance. Weekly updates with performance reports mailed regularly to you.

Track your competition

Find out how the competition are performing against your chose search terms. Gain insightful information about your real competition.


The objective of any good SEO campaign is to get your top searched terms into the top 3 results on search engines. It can take some time but when you achieve the required WordPress ranking in your chosen search engines you will drive traffic to your website.

To achieve high keyword ranking positions your first need to use the Hub5050 rank checker to:

  • identify your current ranking position for your keywords
  • identify how the competition are doing (seo competitor rank checker)

Load the Hub5050 rank checker plugin on to your WordPress site and start optimising right away.

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